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All About Me

Getting older is not for sissies!  Aches, pains, declining health, loss of mobility just to name a few side effects of aging.   Plus you may still be working full time and trying to helps those kids of your successfully launch.


Questions swirl through your brain...

How do I keep my body in shape with so little time?

How can I keep doing the things I love without my body slowing me down?

How do I know what supplements to take?

Eating healthy is expensive, isn't it?

Who can I talk to?

These are questions we all ask as we start getting older.  I know I do.

Before I answer those burning questions you have let me tell you a little bit about me... 

I love cool summer nights, writing poetry, listening to the surf pound on the sand, watercolor painting, and sitting around the dinner table eating a delicious meal with my family and friends as laughter abounds.  

I was born into a family of New Zealand immigrants, turned citizens, and was always pushed to do my best in everything I set my mind to.

At the age of 10 my vegetarian 16 year old sister dared me to become a vegetarian also… the bet was on and I rode that wave for 6 years.  

Right after high school I tried college for a couple of years but finally settled on Massage Therapy school.  I practiced several years and then married my soon to be chiropractic husband.  We both become more interested in our personal health and began the 2 year journey to having a plant-based lifestyle, which by the way, was not real popular 30 years ago.

In between raising our three children (who are now grown), I helped my husband start his chiropractic clinic.  Once all our chicks had finished homeschooling, I had this crazy notion to open my own health food store in the front of my husband’s clinic so I could offer healthy solutions at affordable prices, and now run a Wellness Center as another way to offer healthy solutions.  

My parents had me late in life, and as I watched them grow older, I saw how well they took care of themselves.  Even as my mother declined in her 90's, I saw her brain was sharp and her memory good.  I decided that it was time to take charge of my health and help others do the same so we can all  "live the life we love without a body slowing us down" as we age. 

It seems I have an entrepreneurial spirit that just keeps me moving forward to work with people and aid them in their journey towards health.  Here's to getting older and better!

My Philosophy

I believe that if you make wise choices about your health that you can have the life you love and you don't have to let age slow you down. 

I love to educate and motivate people about healthy lifestyles choices, whether it is exercise, hydration, plant based eating, healthy snacks, choosing the best supplements, or teaching about chiropractic care.   


I love helping people.  So stop by and chat a while.  I'd love to meet you and help anyway I can.  

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